MBM Technik s.r.o. is a trading company specialized in the sale of industrial components in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.

We offer an excellent knowledge of the domestic market, professionalism and over 25 years experience in business. At present we are active especially in the following branches:

- Level Control - products of Finetek Ltd. , Taiwan.
- Diaphragm vacuum and air pumps, blowers - products of Charles Austen Pumps, Ltd., UK
- Linear actuators and columns - products of  Timotion Technology Ltd.
- miniature blowers and fans - products of Micronel AG
- AC, DC and BLDC gear motors - products of GGM

We would be pleased to offer our experience also on other products. Do not hesitate to contact us please, if you are interested in sale in the Czech and Slovak Republic.
We can help to solve your problem!

MBM Technik s.r.o.        

Ivanovickych legionaru 12
621 00 Brno
Czech Republic
Tel.:        +420 5 45223055
Fax:        +420 5 45223055 
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