About us

MBM Technik s.r.o. is a trading company specialized in the sale of industrial components in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.


MBM Technik, s.r.o. has been created in 1991 with purpose to bring new products from respected foreign producers to the Czech and Slovak market. From the very beginning the company was focused on supplies of OEM industrial components as vacuum, air and liquid pumps as well as level sensosr and switches and various electric motors and actuators. Today MBM Technik s.r.o. is representing famous brands as Charles Austen Pumps Ltd., FineTek Ltd., Timotion Technology Ltd. and other. 


We offer to our partners flexibility, professional approach to work and more than 22 years of experience in business. Our enterprise is built on mutual confidence and satisfaction, as the preconditions of long-term and sucessful cooperation. 


We are looking forward to cooperating with you!


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